Basic Witches

“Lifelong Learning” with Sky Cowans

March 18, 2020

With pandemonium spreading over the COVID-19 pandemic, it feels divine to release this episode all about our own innate healing power: mindset. Sky Cowans originally featured us in her Modern Witchcraft video (link below), and now it was our turn to ask the questions. As someone whose job it is to learn and try and better her life, Sky did not disappoint in her answers on the healing power of the mind, experimental science, and the beauty of being a lifelong learner. We explore the topics of hypnosis, overcoming eating disorders, and our gateway drug to all things wellness - yoga! From crazy healing stories to kooky scam compassion, there's something for everyone in this ep. In closing, Leah and Rachel give Sky (@skycowans) a Goddess Oracle card reading.

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